Car does reverse donuts

It's time to make the (reverse) donuts. Link. (via Joe Sabia)


  1. I’ll bet the saviour got arrrested for reckless endangerment or something.
    I’m amazed it was so consistent, I’d expect the donuts to spiral out and eventually get stopped by a wall.

  2. Never worried for the human beings at the scene.  Spent 7:34 on the edge of my seat waiting for the car to make a circle large enough to snap the trunk of the tree off.

    1. Police cars were necessary to direct traffic away from the street, shoo away unwary pedestrians or overly curious children, and investigate who the hell left a car doing donuts in the middle of the street. No civil liberties were harmed in the making of this video.

      Firetrucks respond to the same dispatch calls as ambulances, because they carry EMTs and lifesaving equipment. Even if they get there only thirty seconds ahead of the nearest ambulance, that may be enough to save someone’s life. There is also a nonzero risk of fire whenever a car crashes (or might crash).

      Ambulances were there because EMTs prefer to be on-site BEFORE people get seriously injured, whenever possible. Runaway cars, even ones in freakishly stable orbits, are reasonably likely to cause serious injury. 

      In short, emergency vehicles responded because this was a potential emergency.


  3. Who says driver-less cars are of the thing of the future. The cars of the 70’s can slip into gear and drive themselves for hours.

  4. Sounded like Seth Rogen on the camera.

    I think I might be getting too internet-cynical.  Was I the only one who made the deduction that a 7 minute movie was likely a lot of the same circling, and skipped ahead to the last minute?

  5. This is surprisingly common.  Old car, worn out shifter gate…person leaves it idling and puts it into park but not quite all the way into park.  Idling car vibrates and shifter drops down into reverse. 

  6. Well that’s odd.  A redshirt saves the day without sacrificing himself in the process. 

    You LIED to me Star Trek!!!

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