The Power of Sleep: PBS NewsHour on why we can't stop snoozing

Miles O'Brien has a wonderful piece on NewsHour about the neuroscience of sleep and other forms of brain-rest, including meditation. I was present for some of the taping and research, and I love how the story turned out.

Sleep deprivation can cause serious health and cognitive problems in humans. In short, it can make us fat, sick and stupid. But why do humans need so much sleep? Science correspondent Miles O'Brien talks to scientists on the cutting edge of sleep research and asks if there's any way humans might evolve into getting by with less.

And below, some out-takes from Miles' time swimming with dolphins at SeaWorld. Dolphins sleep in a very interesting way, and you'll want to watch the piece to learn more. PBS Link, and YouTube Link.


  1. This reminds me of a great talk by sleep researcher Matt Walker. It’s about an hour and forty minutes long, but it is fascinating:

  2. They look so happy after they have been ripped away from their pods, witnessed the violent deaths of friends and family members, and imprisoned in tiny echo chambers. Real troopers, they are. Show business professionals. Thanks for serving them up for us, Sea World!

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