12 Responses to “I Have Your Heart”

  1. Amazing! I hate to hijack threads but…
    I did something kinda similar but cheated and used computers! https://vimeo.com/52845764

  2. Cornan says:

    That was amazing and now I have the song completely stuck in my head. Thanks, Boingboing!

  3. [joke about always having a ménage à trois]

  4. Lovely images and a beautiful, fun song. BRAVO

  5. Enjoyed it very much, great work!

  6. Amazing short-movie.. I was awed by it!! and a very nice sweet story too.. But the most beautiful part was your hard work!! Keep it up.. :)

  7. the music spoilme the film, i hate it

  8. Jak Nak says:

    Gigantic sporrans

  9. MrWednesday7 says:

    I backed it on Kickstarter!

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