Man arrested in monkey killing


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  1. absimiliard says:

    murder (The unlawful killing of one human by another, especially with premeditated malice) would seem to be a poor word-choice.

    -abs suspects propaganda is involved in the creation of this BB synopsis

  2. signsofrain says:

    It’s cool that we imprison them for entertainment, but we draw the line at murder dammit!

    • edkedz says:

      That kind of “all bad things are equally bad” crap just weakens your own position and makes you look like a simpleton.

      • signsofrain says:

        Look nobody’s saying murder and imprisonment are the same, but if you think it’s okay to imprison an animal for life for human entertainment, then you’re tacitly okaying the idea of animals as commodities, which means you really shouldn’t be too broken up about an animal being killed by a human, since presumably you’re also okay with killing animals to eat, or to wear their skins (are you an anti-fur person with a leather jacket in the closet?) or to extract miracle cancer drugs from their glands… either animals have rights or they don’t. So, what I’m saying is if you’re saying this monkey being killed is horrible, but it being in a zoo was a-okay than maybe you should rethink your relationship to non-human animals. My comment was to point out, and get somebody thinking about, how morals get very thorny when humans and non-human animals intersect.

  3. rrh says:

    Perhaps I’ve been reading too many Weird Tales lately, but my first thought was him explaining how, yes, this may seem like the act of a mad man, but let him tell his story, first, and this will illustrate his reasons why he had to kill this monkey. Once you know the true nature of what happened, you will see how this was the only action he could take.

    • Deidzoeb says:

      “He wouldn’t stop flinging it at me! I know there was a wall of glass between us, but he meant to hit me with it!” From Poe’s lesser known work, The Tell-Tale Poo.

  4. linuxlizard says:

    As a Boise, Idaho resident, this event really shook people up.

    I look forward to Boise and Idaho someday making international news for something other than bad or embarrassing (*cough* Larry Craig).

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