The Visible Gummi


6 Responses to “The Visible Gummi”

  1. leidentech says:

    But they would be crunchy then.

    • dioptase says:

      Through a pickling process, the bones are dissolved and the organs proteins are denatured and gelatinized.  An acid neutralizing agent made of corn syrup and and ammonium hydroxide are infused at high temperatures and pressures, resulting in a clear, sweet bear.

      No more crunchy bones!

  2. Flashman says:

    That is so awesome, I would love it.

    He should try making one of Tha Visible Choirboy

  3. smut clyde says:

    If the cranial bones are any guide, the Gummi Bear is not actually a member of the order Carnivora.

  4. Paul Bremner says:

    Anyone know where to get one? Can’t seem to find it on the Fame Master site (which has a horrible interface).

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