MakerBot opens a NYC store with a 3D photo booth

MakerBot has just opened its first retail store on Mulberry Street in lower Manhattan -- a great neighborhood, by the way, and a perfect place for a 3D printing store. The store includes many wonderments, including a 3D photo booth, where you get your head scanned and then printed out.

MakerBot and ShapeShot have joined forces to provide a 3D Photo Booth experience for the 21 st century – a chance to capture and create a 3D image, but not just any image, but a 3D portrait and replica of your face! In a few minutes, a scan is made of your face and displayed on a screen. Serious or funny expressions are immediately captured using ShapeShot’s 3D face data that can then be used to print out a 3D replica of your face! The 3D portrait is a cool souvenir, preserves your loved ones face forever, and is the perfect gift for birthdays, bar or bat mitzvahs, and holidays. Customers can also get a 3D bust of their baby, friends, and the whole family.

Introducing The MakerBot 3D Photo Booth!


  1. Oh, man, and two of my favorite books when I was a kid were “And To Think That I Saw It On Mulberry Street” and “Cricket in Times Square”.

    Whatever happened to the build-it-yourself MakerBot kit?

    1. And to think I was printed on Mullberry Street.

      Having no concept of New York, my only impression of Mulberry Street is of a quiet street where landscapers bring potted trees in by wagon…

      Edit: Apparently the Mulberry Street in the Dr. Seuss book is in Springfield Massachusetts.

  2. “… where you get your head scanned and then printed out…”  Seriously, I can not tell you how warm and fuzzy it makes me feel to read this, AND know its for real,  in my lifetime.  

  3. 100 year ago, Italian relatives of mine were living there.  Now we can print 3D heads.  My grandfather would love it.  Seriously.
    He used to say to me – “Archie Bunker says ‘those were the days’ he’s full of baloney!  There were no good old days”.

    1. Chrome (or something) translated the page for me:

      OMOTE 3D SHASHIN KAN (Front birth canal photographic Kang) is carried out as a first exhibition Creative Lab PARTY, pop-up store is limited for two months that can produce their own figures.

      Figures are OK. But I do so want some front birth canal photographic Kang.

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