Man vs. escalator

You can go your own way
Go your own way
Tell me why
Everything turned around?


  1. It’s kind of nice that the community first appreciates that the situation is funny, but then actually tries to help. Kudos to red haired girl who kinda kicks that sentiment into gear.

    1. If this is all I had to do to encounter that wonderful creature I would of started already. Me thinks this is a actor for a hidden camera show?

      1. Naw, we say “Hey! Hey are you OK? Hey! Pardon me? Hey! HEY! HEY ASSHOLE YOU ARE GOING THE WRONG WAY! Get a load of this schmuck! HEY! BUDDY! WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING? OH SHIT! HERE COME THE COPS!”

        Oh and Mark: nice use of the most excellent Fleetwood Mac. :)

    2. Specially because it is not certain that he is drunk. He could be having a manic episode or something like that. Not everything is about alcohol.

  2. He probably thought that he was stuck in a hanna-barbera cartoon where the background never changes

  3. Good to see that the business world still believes in the liquid lunch. At least three or four bottles in this guys case.

  4. I don’t think that if I added up all of the times I’ve been drunk into one cumulative drunken bender that I was ever that drunk…

    1.  I’m having a difficult time believing that he was actually drunk. I would have expected at least a stumble.

      1. I’m not sure I could go the wrong way on an escalator like that sober without at least stumbling a little.

        1. I know. If I were drunk, I’d definitely be on my ass. I don’t know how he wasn’t, especially with people pulling him backward.

          1. Hate to admit it, but unless I’m ill with something else I could easily do this drunk. I’m not bragging, especially about being a drunk, but I just am good on my feet. 

            There have been plenty of times I’ve had the spins so badly I know I should be down for the count.. and yet the stairs affect me not.

    2. Out of all the drugs I’ve tried, I can’t think of one you could dose me up on that would confuse me this much before I could no longer stand.

      1. It’s a matter of stamina, more than dosage. Get yourself fucked up enough all at once and you’ll fall down. But go on a three-day bender and, at the end, you’ll still be able to stagger, but your brain will be totally fucked.

  5. Funny, no matter how blind drunk you are, there is some ancient part of the brain that will get you home (even if you do arrive there inexplicably covered in twigs or vomit or somesuch).  This video is a wonderful example of the limitations of that part of the brain and will probably be of great importance to the neuroscience community.

    1. Happened to a mate of mine the other day. He either couldn’t speak or couldn’t remember his address (where he’s lived for 33 years) to tell the cab driver but somehow ended up in his own bed.

  6. Thanks you to all those lovely people that helped him out. There’s a reason everything’s classier with a British accent.

    1. Actually, I’d go for a bigger problem with the stop button than, “he’s going to go flying”.

      That is, he’s clearly a danger to himself, and possibly others, and what happens if he does make it up the escalator (which, pushing the stop button would allow him to do), and continues to wherever he’s going?

      Physically grabbing him and taking him off the escalator (or calling the police and having them do it) was the right thing to do IMO.

  7. At least it’s not the Angel station.  (World’s longest escalator….subways, or anywhere, not sure which.)

    1. Not even the longest in Europe any more… I think there’s one in Sweden that’s longer. And Moscow has super insanely deep subways that might have the actual longest now.

    2. Neither, at least not any more. Wikipedia claims its the third longest in Europe, behind Helsinki and Stockholm, both of which are found in subways.

  8. In a blackout.  Not laying down any memories of what has been happening, just keeping moving forward towards the goal like a zombie.

    Like when I was in an unfamiliar town trying to walk back to my hotel and instead woke up on a rock in the middle of a state park.  I later reconstructed that I just kept walking past the hotel on the same street the whole time, and when the street ended at a “city overlook” trailhead I continued walking on the hiking trail.  When the trail ended I hopped a fence and continued towards the city in the distance.  Always heading for my Hotel California.

  9. I think this was created so a bank could advertise at me about how non-sociopathic it is. I feel sad: that was my first embedded ad. I don’t watch ads on internet videos. Life is too short. Videos aren’t that good. And it’s just so unfathomably stupid. Interruptive advertising and digital media go together like horse shit and teleportation. Please don’t feed the broadcasters.

  10. As self-punishment goes this is relatively benign. But it hurts to think of the whirlpool of loathing he was walking through.

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