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28 Responses to “Mad Max meets zombies in indie Aussie movie "Wyrmwood"”

  1. brian schneider says:

    This looks great. Hope it gets finished.

  2. Justin Kuhn says:


    Let me get this straight, the zombies breath is toxic, so you need an oxygen tank if you’re going to be near them, and the cars run on zombie breath? Sweet.

    • tacochuck says:

      I am not too sure that is how it goes. They didn’t seem to need O2 or respirator when they were up close capturing the zombie, or I missed it.

      And I totally missed the vehicle ran on zombie breath, but ya cool.

  3. kmoser says:

    Psychos killing people in movie theaters: uncool. Movies about people killing zombies: cool. There’s no accounting for human values.

  4. “and make the best zombie film ever produced in Australia”    Better than Undead?   Good luck with that…   

  5. Itsumishi says:

    Looks great. I can’t remember where I’ve seen that main actor though. He certainly looks familiar.

  6. spiderking says:

    Where do all these Australians get their American football gear?

  7. remainzz says:

     I used to watch Neighbours

  8. Peter Bruce says:

    PS   My ex wife would be spot for a roll in the movie

  9. Samsa says:

    I believe it’s high time we move on from all of this zombie nonsense. Zombies are the new vampire. It’s over.

  10. endrest says:

    The production values are nice, but the lack of dialogue made it more boring than it should have been. If they can’t think of dialogue, then they should fill the blank audio space with some music that’s more dramatic. Imagine how boring The Road Warrior would have been without the beautiful music playing (when no one is talking –which is most of the movie).  C’mon noob filmmakers, audio is the other half of a video! It would be nice if more budding filmmakers took foley seriously, too.