Russians enraged with bureaucrat motorcades creating massive gridlock on a daily basis


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  1. Bevatron Repairman says:

    Not one, but two (or more?) buckets on that protestor’s head.  The Matroyskha doll of freedom, my friends!

  2. MonkeyBoy says:

    I visited Russia before the fall of the wall. There were few cars and they solely existed to transport party members. Cars had the right of way over pedestrians and usually drove at high speed. Being somewhat high up in the party was the only way to gain perques such as cars for personal transportation.

    I guess the people in government still want to demonstrate that they are better than the masses.

  3. B E Pratt says:

    I believe the book Around the Bloc mentioned this. The author was amazed that there seemed to be so damn many emergency vehicles in Moscow until she was told that anyone with enough money could purchase the right to own the blue flashers for their own personal use. Couple this with the fact the Moscow probably has more millionaires per capita than anywhere else and…..

  4. SedanChair says:

    This is how I felt when Paul Ryan held up traffic in Seattle to get to a fundraiser in Bellevue.

  5. BillStewart2012 says:

    Back in the early 90s we had Libertarian conferences in Eastern Europe.  One of the hard problems people were trying to solve was how to give the means of production to the workers before the ex-Communist bosses stole everything and became the new Capitalist bosses.  Unfortunately, for the most part the answer was “Nyet, they’re going to steal it”, though there was some success in giving shares in the newly privatized businesses to the workers rather than just the bosses.

  6. Petzl says:

    Oh, now you did it: you woke the baby!

  7. Cowicide says:

    Ms Kulina said the federal bodyguard service blamed her for the collision until they realised she had filmed it.

    Nice to know they’re also such honest, stand-up guys.

  8. Lemoutan says:

    What – you? Can’t. Mean.  Some cars are more equal than others?

  9. Florian Bösch says:

    To be fair, russians do a lot of crazy shit on their roads. So not driving with a full motorcade does seem like a slightly suicidal proposal anyway.

  10. Marios P. says:

    big deal. Shit like this happens all the time in Athens. And not just with politicians but rich guys as well. Though the latter are not (usually) police escorted, just acompanied by a single bike rider.

  11. electronicnonsense says:

    Mark, Good thing I’d seen that GIF before, because by describing it you’re basically spoiling the punchline of a sight gag.

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