Death of a cyborg


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  1. mappo says:

    Shouldn’t that be “Death of an Android”?

  2. RadioGuy says:

    Makes me think of Similo, a really fantastic short film from 2006.

  3. Lovely. I do wish there was a larger version that you could see- I am not finding it on her page.

  4. Looks like a Biblical scene.

    “Can you fix it?”
    “Sure, but it will take about three days.”

    • fuzzyfuzzyfungus says:

      Cyborg Jesus suffered almost 72 hours of unscheduled downtime for your sins…

      Do you know how long he is going to have to work to get his 5 9s uptime back?

  5. Romke Soldaat says:

    There’s a lot more of that stuff here:

  6. Mitchell Glaser says:

    I sing the body electric.

  7. xangadix says:

    Looks an awful lot like the First mourning (Bouguereau, 1888) ;)

    but it’s a nice twist, I take it, this is the first cyborg to die.

  8. Wow. That is just all kinds of wonderful. Oddly, I am not finding it anywhere on the site linked and all of the other work there seems to be very different from this piece.

  9. ffabian says:

    Is there a way to buy a print of this?

  10. LinkMan says:

    Here is the work on the photoshopist’s deviantART page:

    Sadly it doesn’t appear to be available as a print.

    I also like this one:

  11. Debra Mason says:

    Thanks for the feedback everyone and to those of you that wanted to buy it.  As has been mentioned it’s actually a re-working of a Bouguereau painting and was intended for the web and so isn’t suitable for printing.  It was created for this contest on

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