Pleasant video of Dave McKean painting a ukele

Dave McKean is one of my favorite artists. He's known for his illustrative collaborations with Neil Gaiman on Sandman, directing Mirrormask, making tons of album and book covers and for having an incredibly prolific career as a fine artist in his own right. McKean's art is unique and beautiful, bearing a little resemblance to Barron Storey's work, though typically a little less frenzied.

The above video that shows McKean's process of painting on a ukulele is a promotional video to raise money for The Hepatitis C Trust.

I'm constantly on the hunt for videos of McKean painting, drawing, compositing… anything, really. His process is mystifying to me, so any little hint of how he does it is a welcome sight. This video is very pleasant and gives a nice, quiet peak into the layering, drafting and painting of the image, along with the completed object. A real master craftsman at work!