It's a SpongeBob Christmas!


5 Responses to “It's a SpongeBob Christmas!”

  1. Roger Strong says:

    I think that “Much as we all love Jingle Bells” is an excellent name for a Christman song.

  2. Boing Boing: where did your long hair go? Where is the girl I used to know?

  3. Mike Meyer says:

    See, this is what happens when you legalize Marijuana in 2 states.

  4. Uncle Geo says:

    Don’t be hatin’ on the SpongeBob. 

    He has a job he loves, delights in simple things, likes everyone, always tries to do the right thing and is mortified if he inadvertently hurts a friend. Plus he’s absorbent, yellow and porous.

  5. 10xor01 says:

    Crossing my fingers for a duet with Mr. Hanky.

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