What the vacuum cleaner man saw

The vacuum cleaner man is one lucky fellow.


  1. I hope she shows up in an episode of Grimm, where she turns out to be an ocelot women with eight tits.

    “Well, you don’t see that everyday.”

    “Dude. We work in Portland. Darth Unipiper has ten tits.”

  2. There’s a whole subgenre of porn on this theme, as you probably know, although I don’t think I’ve seen or read any that feature that multicolored fuzzy shawl or robe or whatever it is that she’s got around her shoulders. (What do you call that particular kind of fabric? I’ve seen it before but don’t know what it is.)

    1. > (What do you call that particular kind of fabric?)

      A psychedelic ghillie suit?  For blending in, unobserved, where you expect people to be tripping or just altered as their primary way of being?  Like Berkeley, a rave, or apparently, Portland.

  3. Yep, that’s Portland.
    Should have went to interview the vacuum cleaner man next.”Sir, the crash witness claims that you saw her tits. Would you care to comment?”

  4. Recommended as “related” by youtube, the “Gay Daemon” possession tvangelist excorsism… bonus feature, relly bad acting on stage. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hSQeqk5YzbM

  5. there’s a lot of snark and hate in this thread, but if my wife or girlfriend is half as funny and goodlooking (relatively, I mean) when she’s that age, I’ll be a lucky bastard I’m tellin’ you what.

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