Ad for freelance Russian bank-robbers

Brian Krebs has published an ad from "Foreign Agents," a notorious Russian crime service. They're advertising the availability of foot soldiers in the USA who can help cash out hacked bank accounts and credit cards. Unlike traditional bank-fraud mules, who don't know that they're part of a scam, these "associates" are "неразводные" ("nerazvodni" or "not deceived").

The proprietors of this service say it will take 40-45 percent of the value of the theft, depending on the amount stolen. In a follow Q&A with potential buyers, the vendors behind this service say it regularly moves $30,000 – $100,000 per day for clients. Specifically, it specializes in cashing out high-dollar bank accounts belonging to hacked businesses, hence the mention high up in the ad of fraudulent wire transfers and automated clearinghouse or ACH payments (ACH is typically how companies execute direct deposit of payroll for their employees).

According to the advertisement, customers of this service get their very own login to a remote panel, where they can interact with the cashout service and monitor the progress of their thievery operations. The service also can be hired to drain bank accounts using counterfeit debit cards obtained through ATM skimmers or hacked point-of-sale devices. The complicit mules will even help cash out refunds from phony state and federal income tax filings — a lucrative form of fraud that, according to the Internal Revenue Service, cost taxpayers $5.2 billion last year.

Say what you will about their criminal tendencies, those bank robbers have excellent art direction.

Online Service Offers Bank Robbers for Hire


  1. The art is as stolen as the “goods” they advertize:

  2. And they’re specifically targeting MY bank in the ad! Thank you, cheekbone-accented Russian crime syndicate.

    “Wow! Napoleon Bonaparte, the legendary French hero, takes the same bus as I do…number two!” – Luis Avalos, right before being hit on the head by a Napoleon impersonator, in a “Spider-Man” sketch from “The Electric Company”

  3. The first thing I noticed was the Sabre GT in the background. Does that make me a game geek or a gearhead?

  4. I attempted to translate the full text of the advertisement.
    “Undeceived” drops for large cash operations in US

    Fast and guaranteed cashing out
    We accept wire transfers / ACHs (next day) from $10,000

    It’s convenient to be our partner:

    — Unique web admin interface: no response delays;
    — Immediate response for all your tasks;
    — All functions of the drops can be tailored for client needs;
    — WebMoney/LibertyReserve/Western Union payments on time, cashing out Western Union / MoneyGram payments
    — Cashing out tax returns, etc.
    — We can accept the delivery of expensive purchases [by stolen credit cards]
    — Drops are available for other interesting projects

    We work only with the persons who have recommendations.

    Contact us via PM.

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