Ad for freelance Russian bank-robbers


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  1. splashu says:

    Apparently they’re big fans of Grand Theft Auto 4.

  2. Chentzilla says:

    The art is as stolen as the “goods” they advertize:

  3. And they’re specifically targeting MY bank in the ad! Thank you, cheekbone-accented Russian crime syndicate.

    “Wow! Napoleon Bonaparte, the legendary French hero, takes the same bus as I do…number two!” – Luis Avalos, right before being hit on the head by a Napoleon impersonator, in a “Spider-Man” sketch from “The Electric Company”

  4. OriGuy says:

    I didn’t know Comic Sans had Cyrillic letters! КООЛ!

  5. commodork says:

    The first thing I noticed was the Sabre GT in the background. Does that make me a game geek or a gearhead?

  6. Funny, they forgot the part about Niko Bellic being Serbian as opposed to Russian…

  7. Art says:

    He MUST be a bank robber, 
    Hes’ got a stylish facial stubble, a scowl and a “Member’s Only” jacket.

  8. I attempted to translate the full text of the advertisement.
    “Undeceived” drops for large cash operations in US

    Fast and guaranteed cashing out
    We accept wire transfers / ACHs (next day) from $10,000

    It’s convenient to be our partner:

    — Unique web admin interface: no response delays;
    — Immediate response for all your tasks;
    — All functions of the drops can be tailored for client needs;
    — WebMoney/LibertyReserve/Western Union payments on time, cashing out Western Union / MoneyGram payments
    — Cashing out tax returns, etc.
    — We can accept the delivery of expensive purchases [by stolen credit cards]
    — Drops are available for other interesting projects

    We work only with the persons who have recommendations.

    Contact us via PM.

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