Overly Attached Girlfriend at the American Music Awards

Laina Walker, aka Overly Attached Girlfriend, is quick on her feet at the American Music Awards.


  1. What the hell is this and why is the stereo so shitty?

    Damn you BB for bringing out that “part” of youtube.

    1. “Why is the stereo so shitty?” should be the official slogan of the American Association Against First World Problems. It’d look great on a tshirt!

      1. I can forgive a complete amateur doing some converting from a VHS tape to a PC to put on youtube who ends up with some horribly interlaced video with mono sound all on the left channel…  But this seems to have some sense of being a professionally done video.  Why do we have music on center, her on the right most of the time, and then sometimes she’s on the left.  That’s just poor post production.

        Yes, my jimmies are rustled.

    1. I can really see her making a successful career as a personality (I don’t know what the specific term for what she does is). She’s very charming and has an immediately recognizable face.

      1. > I don’t know what the specific term for what she does is
        Comedy acting! OAG isn’t a mere meme, it’s a fantastic character developed by Laina Walker.

  2. they should have her on the nobel prize red carpet. The astro-physics guys love the invisible rope gag

  3. I really love Laina and I have no idea why.  Maybe because she seems so genuine?  Maybe because she reminds me of some of my ex-girlfriends (but not in an overly attached way…)

  4. The bit near the end was particularly funny, getting all those people to do her signature crazy smile. Walker ought to get a publicist/agent and try to get into some movies. Her notoriety online might give her an edge and launch a pretty decent career.

  5. She’s funny but that look is disconcertingly creepy. Which is why it works but it makes me uncomfortable.

  6. That was thoroughly awesome. So modern, so smart. 4:52, where she gets interviewed by the interviewee and plays the jaded industry insider, was frickin genius. I hope she does a lot of these.

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