Elfquest: this ancient vessel's shape

Page 13 of The Final Quest: Prologue is published online-first for the first time here at Boing Boing. First time reader? You're a few issues behind.

Page 13 of The Final Quest: Prologue is published online first for the first time here at Boing Boing. First time reader? You're a few issues behind.



  1. It’s interesting to me, so interesting, that the Sun Folk don’t seem to pine for the desert the way the Wolfriders pine for the forest. They’ve all been on Abode for so many millennia… is it only the wolf blood that ties an elf to the land? The Sun Folk live now in their “dear home” of cold pastel crystals… don’t they miss their warm sand and bubbling desert springs?

  2. Ahhh, Savah, lovely as always. I adore how her dress shimmers! :) This conversation reminds me a little of the convo in KotBW, with Ember ans Rayek, about merging two souls of the same elf in one body.

  3. Yes Wolfen, I was thinking the same thing about the similarities between this conversation and Rayek describing the nature of elf spirits being like fire, “one fire is all fire.”  The thing that really stands out to me here though is that when the Palace was shattered in Shards, they needed Timmain to be able to reform it.  Sounds like Savah, and the Sun Folk, now have the same knowledge and should the Palace ever be damaged again, they would be able to repair it even without a Firstcomer like Timmain.

  4. Tavie, I had the same question about the Sun Folk, and I asked Wendy about it.  She confirmed that not every one of the Sun Folk has lost their feeling of connectedness to the land, and they don’t solely exist in the Palace all of the time.  But my take on it is that the connection that the Sun Folk feel to the Palace on a spiritual level overwhelms (in a good way for them) everything else.  I think of the elves who live in the Palace as kind of like plants getting exactly the right amount of water, minerals and sunlight 100% of the time, and how the bliss of that experience would transcend other longings.

  5. GMTA! I’m glad to know it’s not a “universal” Sun Folk feeling.

    Now, how ADORABLE is Skywise in that bottom panel? Want to cuddle him.

  6. Wendy here: Savah is speaking in loving generalities. And, most certainly, living in the Palace is a wonderful thing. But how do you know she’s speaking for ALL her people?

  7. Hello, Elfquest long time fan here. I thank you so much for this unforgettable story that I’m sure touched so many lives on so many levels.And especially thank you for creating the Sunfolk, the very idea and image of them from the very first book (which was the only one available in Russia for many, many years, before I discovered internet, and learned that the story doesn’t actually end there), was so strong I think nothing affected my visual tastes more.This page in gorgeous, Skywise is as adorable as ever, Leetah’s back hair looks pretty and Savah’s profile is very elegant <3I do wonder though what happened to Savah's forehead piece. She still had it in the "Searcher and the sword".Wouldn't it be a loss to her image, from from Savah, to the image of all her people? They are mix of images from many eastern folks, and SUNfolk, and so their leader always had a sun on her, first in that huge "kokoshnik"-crown, which was giving her image a tint of Egypt pharaoh and Nefertiti, and then that small bindi-like forehead sun, which seemed a symbolic mix of Sunfolk's love to Sun, and elf sending star, and was giving Savah a tint of India.I hope she'll get it back yet.Or could it be symbolic? From starting to live in a star-traveling ship, Sunfolk lost their affection to the sole star of this system, now that all of the other stars in the universe became so close?Anyway, this is so fascinating now that the story of so many lives finally starts to continue.
    Best wishes to you from Russia ;)

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