How Neil deGrasse Tyson helped Superman

NPR has a great story about Neil deGrasse Tyson and the Hayden Planetarium pitching in when given a chance to help out the Man of Steel.

DC Comics, Tyson explains, approached him for permission to use the Planetarium — as well as his likeness — in a story where Superman witnesses the destruction of Krypton, since the light from the distant planet is just now arriving on Earth. Tyson told DC Comics that he was happy to help, and that instead of just making up the story of Superman seeing Krypton, he could help them ground it in at least some actual science.

*There are more images on NPR's blog!*


    1. You’d think someone would notice those new sleeve cuffs and collar sticking out of his business shirts, but I guess you can get away with that sort of thing when you live in a world where nobody recognizes you as soon as you take off your glasses.

        1. I bet you’d be pretty offended if your lover/investigative-reporter-coworker never made the connection though.

    2. Unlike other heros, Superman doesn’t wear a costume or disguise.  His outfit is the classic garb of his native people….

      But it seems to have mated with a star trek uniform in its current iteration. 

  1. @jwgl23 They cover that in the interview.  It went through a worm hole.  And Neil hates on Aquaman a couple of times.

  2. Is the Hayden Planetarium in Metropolis in the DC universe? Or does actual New York exist alongside its clones of Metropolis and Gotham? 

  3. I can’t stop staring at the ‘S’ on this iteration of Superman’s costume. t’s got thickness. I imagine it as being a big chunk of foam rubber glued to the form-fitting bodysuit underneath it, and it just feels like it would be the most awkward, uncomfortable thing ever.

    1. Forget comfort… how the hell does he keep that from showing through his shirt when he’s parading around as Clark Kent? It was bad enough that he had to tuck a big ol’ cape down the back of his pants and wear extra-large shoes to accommodate those boots.

  4. First, Flash (the police scientist) would have never required Neil’s help and second, Aquaman wouldn’t have accepted it, complaining that Neil smells “too fishy.”

  5. I’m really impressed at all the people who are commenting on Superman’s costume – I didn’t notice anything but Neil’s vest. Awesome stuff!

  6. “Thank you, USA.  But our guest is a bush man.”

    American comic books could use better typography.  Why do they have to be all caps??

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