How Neil deGrasse Tyson helped Superman


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  1. Quiche de Resistance says:

    Too bad he couldn’t give him fashion advice to go back to the classic costume.

  2. RedShirt77 says:

    I thought it said, ” But our guest is a Bush man.”

  3. jwgl23 says:

    So the vessel that originally brought Superman to Earth was going faster than light?

  4. jowlsey says:

    @jwgl23 They cover that in the interview.  It went through a worm hole.  And Neil hates on Aquaman a couple of times.

  5. Jonathan Badger says:

    Is the Hayden Planetarium in Metropolis in the DC universe? Or does actual New York exist alongside its clones of Metropolis and Gotham? 

  6. Egypt Urnash says:

    I can’t stop staring at the ‘S’ on this iteration of Superman’s costume. t’s got thickness. I imagine it as being a big chunk of foam rubber glued to the form-fitting bodysuit underneath it, and it just feels like it would be the most awkward, uncomfortable thing ever.

    • Brainspore says:

      Forget comfort… how the hell does he keep that from showing through his shirt when he’s parading around as Clark Kent? It was bad enough that he had to tuck a big ol’ cape down the back of his pants and wear extra-large shoes to accommodate those boots.

  7. sgtdoom says:

    First, Flash (the police scientist) would have never required Neil’s help and second, Aquaman wouldn’t have accepted it, complaining that Neil smells “too fishy.”

  8. Sonja says:

    I’m really impressed at all the people who are commenting on Superman’s costume – I didn’t notice anything but Neil’s vest. Awesome stuff!

  9. lecti says:

    “Thank you, USA.  But our guest is a bush man.”

    American comic books could use better typography.  Why do they have to be all caps??

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