Map of the Dead, survive the zombie apocalypse

Spend hours planning what to do when everything goes to hell-on-earth? I know I do. This map just made things a lot easier (planning anyways, I'm not counting on a lot of connectivity post event!)

I have not tried the associated game, yet. The map is far too engrossing!


  1. Ha ha. It has my local “spa” (as in, a place for the wimmins to get their toenails done) as a medical centre.

  2. Yeah, they seem to have some coding issues.  They list a local Tai Restaurant as a Grocery store and our Saki bar a a gun store.

  3. Yeah, I wish it was more like a Wiki where you could add locations. For instance, the gold-buying shop they have marked as a pawn store isn’t going to do you much good, but the enormous Costco that ISN’T on the map would be hella helpful.

    I’m also surprised (being in Houston, Texas and all) that there aren’t more gun shops shown around my location…

  4. It appears to be a location-based video game (that hasn’t launched yet).  Thus, for game balance reasons not every gun store is a gun store, and some gun stores are in reality other sorts of businesses.  People complaining about accuracy are missing the point.

    My guess is that their business plan involves offering businesses a way to buy into being an in-game location to drive traffic to their establishment.

  5. In the zombie apocalypse, wouldn’t the recent dead – i.e. your neighbours – be more of a threat than those who’ve been in the cemetery for decades?

  6. If you don’t have the stuff before things go south, you’ve already failed. Anyone who hightails it to the mall or Costco is going to be fodder for the countless other panicking people with the same idea. Nope.

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