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41 Responses to “"Shot-for-Shot" Prisoner intro remake”

  1. Dean Putney says:

    They even got the typeface right! But where’s that big white orb? Edit: Scratch that, the orb was totally in there! Excellent!

  2. Etnier says:

    It’s not “pour over”, fwiw. The correct usage is “pore over”.

  3. so familiar….

    ah it seems I first saw it when it was submitted over a year ago!

  4. Paul Coleman says:

    A great band that I had the privilege to play with last March (?).

  5. Anon_Mahna says:

    I like this tribute http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M4eUSmUWsUY better. :)

  6. SomeGuyNamedMark says:

    Ok, now I need to check them out.  Good thing they are local.


  7. Dr_Wadd says:

     It’s not as complete, but personally I prefer the version from the opening credits of season 3 of “In Bed With Medinner”


    I can’t find just the opening credits in isolation.

    Series 4 went with a remake of The Avengers credits.


  8. Boundegar says:

    I was disappointed they cast Borat as the boss.  Couldn’t they find somebody britisher?

    EDIT: And he’s also the gas man, and also Number Two? Is he the only guy they know?

    • Michael J. Epstein says:

      “Borat” here. The band is just the two of us. We carefully decided to not have anyone else in the video. It naturally has implications to the narrative.

      • Boundegar says:

        Oh aha!  I kind of wondered if maybe she only knew one guy, and was too shy to ask a stranger.  Nice stache.

        • Michael J. Epstein says:

          Thanks! I think we had about 50 people working on the shoot over the course of the 2 years, so we probably could have roped another fellow in if we had wanted! 

    • Antinous / Moderator says:

      Borat, the character who’s played by a British actor?  That Borat?

      • Boundegar says:

        He’s not British!  He’s not he’s not he’s not!  He’s Azerbaijani or something.  Or Uzbekibekistanstani!

  9. dolo54 says:

    You can still buy a Lotus 7 new. They’re called Caterhams now. On my bucket list to own one myself :)

    • josh says:

      Not only can you buy a 7 (well, yes, Caterham now, but it’s the same car), you can actually buy it in the Prisoner paint job.

      It’s actually been one of my goals to buy that car and run around doing more or less this.

    • B. Peasant says:

       The Bentley limo has been replaced with a Daimler, though. I suppose they’re a bit hard to find in the US…

      • Dave Bell says:

        Specifically, the original uses a hearse, hence the man dressed as an undertaker. They have a higher roof-line than a limousine, when seen from the front. Since the video credits a funeral home, that could be a hearse they use, but it does look a little too low.

        • B. Peasant says:

           Ah yeah, you’re right. According to a youtube comment by mr. Epstein, it was difficult enough to find a Daimler limo. Not surprising – most of them have rotted away, and the hearses were even worse…

  10. Keith Tyler says:

    Hi Boston. I’d know Rowe’s Wharf anywhere. I wonder what beach she is running on…

    Also, in credits: Special Thanks to Sean Drinkwater. That’s Sean T. Drinkwater of awesome Boston electroclash band Freezepop.

  11. TheOven says:

    Too bad the song’s so mediocre. (Except the middle Arrival part where the music stops. That part’s pretty good.)

  12.  Fun fact about this band, all their song names are from episodes of The Prisoner.

  13. Frank Diekman says:

    Realize 2 things about the Prisoner intro:

    1. He resigned the SHIT out of that job!

    2. Do many people pack 8 X 10 glossy pics of the place they’re going?

  14. That was amazing! AMAZING!

    Since you guys are such huge Prisoner fans, you may be interested in photos of our trip to The Village, which is a real place, Port Meirion in Wales. Designed by a true British eccentric, don’t you know. One of the buildings has a documentary about the old coot playing constantly.

    Here are the pix: http://geophile.com/gallery/portmeirion

  15. That comma really changes thing: … the old coot, playing constantly.

  16. pjcamp says:

    Just not the same with heels and a lower forehead.

  17. At the end, the scene with the guy driving the Caterham down the runway, was that at Top Gear?  It looked an awful lot like their same outdoor filming location.  Or that could just be really hoping.

  18. Ernst Gruengast says:

    I’m surprised Caterhams have not already been subject matter on BB, as you can get them as a kit, as Starter Pack (a raw chassis that you can put any number of engines, suspension, brakes etc. onto) – all in all the most customisable car on the planet, and one of the fastest (check out the TopGear test drives on Youtube and you’ll get the idea). 

  19. Too lazy to drive up to Portmerion for the last shots? :)

  20. “Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling” was the name of the episode that McGoohan pretty much took the day off and had his mind put in another actors body. So even without this awesome tribute video, the band name tells that they were indeed fans of this awesome and brain pummeling show. Which I love.