Robert Crumb writes a short, sad story about the career of MAD creator Harvey Kurtzman


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  1. millie fink says:

    At least it’s okay now to draw a tit in Russia. Things ARE getting better!

  2. I might draw your attention to a book I appeared in with Robert Crumb since today I am in the business of drawing your attention to this sleeper agent (see KLF article) elsewhere in Boing Boing today. At that point I was not using the middle name of Temple. Review: Available:

  3. sburns54 says:

    Some of Crumb’s earliest published work was in Harvey’s Help! mag. Terry Gilliam and Gloria Steinem were there, too. Poor Harvey- he was great, his war comics and Mad were world- changing, TRUMP’s 2 issues are a high point. Unfortunately, he overplayed his hand with his demands for a controlling stake in Mad in 1956 and paid for it forever after. Bill Gaines turned to Al Feldstein, who produced the commercially viable MAD magazine we are familiar with- Harvey was left to churn out the increasingly horrid Little Annie Fanny, and we are left with many sad “what might have been” speculations…

  4. Halloween_Jack says:

    Checking Wikipedia, I see that Little Annie Fanny ran all the way from the early sixties to 1988, with a short revival a decade later. That’s pretty amazing, given that the strip (at least as I remember it) remained solidly rooted in the sixties, both in its type of humor and in not showing genitalia.

  5. uragan says:

    Uh, no mention of Bill Gaines?

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