Americans! Celebrate the Repeal!


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  1. wetitnpetit says:

    Here’s to letting the ladies into the bar! Can you imagine a bunch of dude’s drinking in a dark smokey bar in secret somewhere. Sounds like a Freemasonic Sweat Lodge. Whew.

  2. dragonfrog says:

    That confirms my own bias toward cocktails – if you don’t want to drink it neat, it’s probably not fit to drink at all.

    Except if you’re making eggnog, or getting your fruitcake drunk.  Those are different things altogether.

  3. Sam says:

    Anniversary of the 13th amendment and we’re talking about boozing… Class.

    • agrovista says:

      Thats tomorrow, today is the 5th of december not sure how you are in the future. If you want to get extra pedantic it wasn’t adopted till the 18th of dec.

  4. Keith Tyler says:

    Ironically, or perhaps not, marijuana becomes de jure legal in Washington state tomorrow.

    (I say de jure because it will remain theoretically illegal under federal law.)

  5. Dlo Burns says:

    And Utah was the 36th to sign (and yes, there were others who didn’t, mostly in the south).

  6. Prohibition isn’t close to over – if anything it’s worse than ever.  Just read yesterday that there are now more people locked up for drug-related offenses than were locked up for all offenses in 1980.  Because it was unconstitutional to ban alcohol without an amendment, but everything else is just fine (right?).

    And regarding alcohol specifically (America’s second-favorite drug): in my state, people aren’t even allowed to sell liquor (the State maintains that monopoly).  There are dry towns, liquor licensing laws that keep small startups out of the business, etc.  All remnants of Prohibition.

  7. endrest says:

    “To alcohol!  The cause of and solution to all life’s problems!” -H. Simpson

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