Gallivant, a minimalist travel site

Gallivant looks like a great way to cut through the noise and bloat of Yelp, Google, and plane-booking sites when headed to unfamiliar turf.


  1. So minimalist, it doesn’t cover much apart from North America, Australia and London, judging from the list of cities.

    …But I see some random posts about Taiwan, so maybe it’s so minimalist, they don’t bother with indexes and other bourgeoise ways to browse their content.

  2. So minimalist that Toronto merits one entry on a hotel and another on a motorscooter shop?  (The latter not really high on my agenda when visiting a new city)

  3. So minimalist that the only cheap option in Chicago is an over-hyped hipster bar? It also does a great job of cutting out all of the noise of location, customer reviews, hours, price, or any information besides short unsubstantial reviews that really clutter up Yelp.

    Also, what kind of shitty travel site recommends Next (the most talked about and fanciest restaurant in Chicago) without mentioning that getting a ticket to dine there is so difficult that the Tribune runs entire articles on how to do so?

    Don’t use this website as a travel guide, unless you want of tour of well known and expensive hipster spots. Use wikitravel, yelp, and common sense. They’ll serve you much better.

  4. It’s run by the same people that do Uncrate, which means everything on there is likely a paid post. 

    1. Could you please rephrase your comment in the form of a “so minimalist” joke?

      Maybe something like, “This site is so minimalist it only launched today.”

      It’s not really funny ha-ha, but gets the point across.

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