New Boing Boing T-shirt: "Rocket Bike"

Our latest Boing Boing T-shirt was designed by Alex Pearson! It makes a great gift for all your rocket-bike enthusiast friends!

Boing Boing Rocket Bike T-shirt

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  1. That’s actually a turbojet, not a rocket.  Still cool, but ya gotta be careful about what parts might get sucked into that air intake…..

    1. The UK is developing an air-breathing rocket engine called SABRE. It hasn’t flown yet, but they’ve convinced themselves they can build it.  

    2. I was biking around with a friend when we pulled up next to this guy –walking it.  He said it was fully operational, but was out of fuel. That explained why he was walking it. Notice the intake has a more practical positioning than the t-shirt version.

    1. Coaster brake!

      For a sense of its effectiveness, see the “JATO strapped to Chevy” urban legend.

    1. The engine is not only mounted off the frame centerline, but it’s at an offset angle (front of engine maybe 15 degrees to the right from the rider’s perspective).

      Apparently intended to go hella fast on a counterclockwise circular track.  Maybe a revival of the old “wall of death” carny act with the added value of jet exhaust……

      1. Actually the bike, aside from the drivetrain, is perfectly symmetrical – it’s just lying on its side, half-submerged in black paint.

        Otherwise you’d see some sign of the left crank and other half of the bars.

        1. So there’s another engine mounted on the other side, but it has been completely ruined for being submerged in black paint.

          At least now no budding cyclist star will lose their legs to Jet Bike.

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