Drone crash on college campus in San Diego is art-hoax


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  1. That Special Something says:

    Wouldn’t ‘drone safety’ be ‘duck and cover’?
    Or, head between your knees and kiss your arse goodbye.

  2. My son would say “thats how dad always lands his radio controlled models”.

  3. allenmcbride says:

    I’m sure some of [the students] probably did think it was real,” Dominguez said of the drone crash, “but that’s one of the practices of new media art – what we call minor simulation. It creates an event that is difficult to understand as either real or not real.

    I guess I’m too modernist for this kind of art. It seems pretty straightforward to me to understand that this hoax — excuse me, minor simulation — was not real.

    • Ian Wood says:

      That sort of thinking won’t win you grants.

      • allenmcbride says:

        I dunno, maybe I could change my thinking with practice… I googled “new media art” “minor simulation” just now, and apparently Dominguez is the only person who uses the term. So his use of a silly pretentious-academic synonym for “hoax” is *itself* a hoax. That’s kind of cool. If intended.

  4. Carl Witthoft says:

    Waiting for The Onion to chime in on this one.  How dare some college art majors try to take over their niche?

  5. jenjen says:

    Just when the FBI thought they could delete him from their speed dial after his last project with the transborder cell phone water mapping thing.  

  6. Boundegar says:

    Heh.  Amongst.

  7. kmoser says:

    Couldn’t every hoax be considered “art-hoax”?

  8. heckblazer says:

    I suspect it’s not coincidental MCAS Miramar (former home of Top Gun) is just down the road from UCSD.  When I was there having to stop the class until the noise from a passing fighter ended was not uncommon.  
    I’d add that a crashed drone is better and more interesting than many pieces of the official campus outdoor art collection.

  9. Off White says:

    What shocks me most is that they’ve logged the eucalyptus forest that the library used to float above.

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