Dining with the Doctor

Huge Doctor Who fan Chris-Rachel Oseland has created a dish to go along with each episode of the series since the 2005 relaunch and complied them into this cookbook!

I have yet to try any in the kitchen but should I ever throw a Doctor Who theme party, this book will be the first I reference.

Dining with the Doctor by Chris-Rachel Oseland


  1. And this definitely is the season for Charles Dickens’ own Christmas punch. An extra nice touch would be if it could be lit with a nice blue flame that would then turn a devilish red. Although I really would like to know what’s in a Sapphire Cliff Cocktail. 

  2. For some reason that I don’t now recall, I have a copy of the 80s book The Doctor Who Cookbook lying in this very room.  I doubt there’s any other cookbooks out there with recipes recommended by people from all areas of a television programme’s production and I’m fairly certain it’s the only book ever to contain culinary recommendations from members of the radiophonic workshop.

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