Adjustable wrench wedding-ring

Etsy seller BandScapes offers this lovely, makerish wedding-ring featuring a sterling silver adjustable wrench, clutching a sapphire:

The jaws are pinching a .06ct medium-blue natural sapphire. Overall, the profile is low to be comfortable, not too wide and not heavy, but sturdy. A ring that can be worn continuously as any wedding band would be.

(via Neatorama)


  1. It’s cool but when you are looking for a wedding band, you definitely want to think about how it will stand up to everyday abuse. Silver is too soft to handle daily wear, and the design would collect all manner of soap and crud. I wouldn’t want to set such an expensive stone as a sapphire into a silver setting. Be a cute occasional ring, though, in white gold.

    1. I dunno. My husband has his silver band still, 20 years later. It’s stood up just fine. He’s an accountant, so there’s that. 

      Mine was was crushed in a DIY accident that also mangled my finger. I’m on my second silver band, and haven’t managed to kill it yet. It’s been over 5 years. I’ve killed a couple wedding bands over the years, and it’s never mattered what they were because the damage was pretty impressive. I still have all my fingers, which my husband says is a miracle. . . :)

      1. The good thing about silver bands is they are pretty cheap, so if you are willing to have multiples, you would end up spending about the same over time as buying a harder metal. Or you could have one with more alloy material, which is what they do with gold to strengthen it.

        My band is gold but my husband is one of those manly guys who wanted titanium or another strong metal. He has the gold band that matches mine for round-the-house and going out but a stainless steel ring for work. When we were looking into the second band for him, one option I was considering was getting the matching band to our gold rings in silver because it was way cheap and if he messed it up, we could just replace it. But, I think he had some concern about how it would handle in a fist fight or some other macho reason – but mainly I think because he’s a gear junkie who loves to buy manly toys.

        1. When my wife and I were shopping for rings, I knew I didn’t want a gold one.  I’d been married before, and my old gold band was irritatingly heavy and easy to scratch.  I briefly considered tungsten, but it was too shiny, and also felt heavy.  Then I tried on a titanium band.  Felt great, light as a feather, and I still haven’t managed to scratch it seven years later.  I liked its brushed finish, too.  Best of all, it cost under $200, freeing us up to spend much more on my wife’s rings, so that worked out well too.

          I do like this ring, however. I don’t even mind that the nooks and crannies will collect sweat and gunk and filth. It’ll just more closely resemble my real crescent wrenches, after all.

  2. I would love to wear a ring like this, but it is listed as a “true guy’s wedding band” so clearly I am unqualified to purchase it. :-(

    1. I totally missed that. My husband wanted to get me one since we hit our 20th anniversary. . . grumble grumble grumble

      1.  Pfffff, buy it and wear it with pride, if you love something like that I don’t see any barriers to wearing it. Certainly a good way to show your love of tools.

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