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6 Responses to “Beat-Bach-sing: beatboxing to Bach”

  1. kraut says:

    Look, the beat boxing is well done and all that, but if the Goldberg Variationen could be improved by beatboxing, Johann Sebastian would have added it himself.

  2. esquire says:

    Well, Bach didn’t write for the “piano” either…

  3. cjudge says:

    Listening to this was like eating peach cobbler a la mode with a side of Kimchee.

    I love cobbler.  I love Kimchee.  The only place one finds them combined is in the sixth or seventh circle of Hell.

  4. jeraliey says:

    The beatboxing was done very well…….but I couldn’t help noticing how tacked-on it seemed; the beat was already in Bach’s music, and the beats themselves each overlay a note in the piece.  There really wasn’t any room for a rhythm section in this piece.  Kudos for the attempt to two very talented musicians, though.

  5. Theodore Logan says:


  6. KaleoK says:

    Yawnnnnnnnnn! The “beatbox” adds nothing interesting to the music.