Beat-Bach-sing: beatboxing to Bach

Teenage pianist/software developer/Apple enthusiast Kadar Qian (Twitter) teams up with 23yo "beatbox cellist" Kevin "K.O." Olusola of Pentatonix (as featured on NBC's "Sing Off") to reinvent the Goldberg Variations, a work for harpsichord from 1741 by Johannes Sebastian Bach.

The video is by From the Top, a nonprofit org in Boston that supports talented young musicians.

(thanks, Joe Sabia!)


  1. Look, the beat boxing is well done and all that, but if the Goldberg Variationen could be improved by beatboxing, Johann Sebastian would have added it himself.

  2. Listening to this was like eating peach cobbler a la mode with a side of Kimchee.

    I love cobbler.  I love Kimchee.  The only place one finds them combined is in the sixth or seventh circle of Hell.

  3. The beatboxing was done very well…….but I couldn’t help noticing how tacked-on it seemed; the beat was already in Bach’s music, and the beats themselves each overlay a note in the piece.  There really wasn’t any room for a rhythm section in this piece.  Kudos for the attempt to two very talented musicians, though.

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