Jesus ejected from darts tournament


Nathan Grindal, seen here, was ejected from the stands of a major dart tournament in Butlins, UK because his resemblance to Jesus riled up the crowd. Apparently, spectators' chants of "Jesus! Jesus!" were distracting the players and disrupting the match. Security staff escorted Grindal to a local bar and bought him a beer while he watched the rest of the match on TV. "It was all very weird and distressing," Grindal told This Is Somerset. Watch video of Grindal and the crowd here.


    1. I think that the lessons that we can draw from this are that English law believes in punishing the victim and that they hate Jesus.

      1. I’m just surprised that they didn’t have an outbreak of dubiously-safe-for-work Big Lebowski references. Maybe that isn’t a brit thing?

  1. Guess I’d better stay away from darts tournaments – if anything I have even more of a WASP-Christ look than this fellow.

        1. I love the expression on the girl with the snake around her neck. Someone must make it into a gif.

  2. Those spectators know that Jesus was an Arab Jew who probably looked more like Osama Bin Laden than Brad Pitt, right?

    1. Arab Jew? While there were certainly Arab Jews living on the Arabian peninsula, Jesus wasn’t one of them.

      Most Jews are closer genetically to Kurds, Turks and Armenians than Arabs.

      1. Actually… Jesus was a Viking. Yep, old dad himself probably  imported him straight from the cold north into a more southern warm womb. It’s not like sky daddy could go rape a poor innocent girl to create some half-god-half-human hybrid, him not exactly being corporeal. Nope, straight from the north, I tell you. Haven’t you watched the paintings depicting Jesus???

        (Or, what is the Canon? Was a gamete from Mary used or not? Because if not, then Jesus could have been small, green, and have tentacles for all we know.)

        Edit: Ooh, I have even more proof Jesus was a Viking! Anybody here can walk on water! I actually did it today, several times. See??? Viking, I tell you!

        1. Pfft, I was talking about you know, Jesus’ actual parents, not the fairy tale told by Luke and Matthew because they misread Isaiah and thought the hebrew word almah meant virgin instead of young woman.

          1. That doesn’t change anything! She could have been the local matriarch of a whore house, it doesn’t matter. She had a little import growing in there! And nothing you say can change my mind!

      2. Turks? Didn’t they come to the area about 100 years later from central Asia?

        Arabs are surely a lot closer. At least they are also semites.


      Ah, that brings back memories not only of watching darts on television but having a blast as part of a league. My team name, in fact, was “Make Mine A Triple”. 

  3. another sport where the players can’t handle crowd noise? Let the golfers, tennisers, and darters spend some time facing a 99mph heater in a road game while a crowd of drunks yells stuff about their moms. Wimps.

  4. but a fan who bears an uncanny resemblance to Jesus


    If that’s the case I can go to a hipster bar tonight and see about 30 “Jesus Christs”… and some that are least somewhat swarthy..

  5. Jesus was a Ginger? I didn’t think they had soul’s…. Oh wait. Did jesus have a soul? I think I just blew my mind!

  6. pretty much everyone calls me Jesus.  It doesn’t bother me.  In fact, it affords me quite a psychological advantage amongst the religious types.  Also, jokes.  Yesterday, with a friend at work:

    Kevin:  Jesus!  turn this water into wine
    Me:  [ignore]
    Kevin:  JESUS! [motions to water]
    Me:  [stare wide-eyed at him, raise fingers to temples.  slowly cross eyes]
    Kevin:  [loud laughter]  You crazy as hell.

    meh, it passes the time.

  7. Just a small point, but Butlins is a Holiday resort, not a village.  Minehead is the actual town…

  8. 5000 drunks cause a problem and the only person who gets ejected is the one who’s not doing anything wrong. Says a lot about the sport of darts, I think.

    1. You ever tried to boot 5000 drunks from a venue?

      Q: How to you get 100 rowdy Canadians out of a swimming pool?
      A: Say “Everyone please get out of the pool.”)

    2. I was telling my girlfriend about this story earlier tonight, and how it kind of sucked that this guy got ejected when everyone else was the real problem. Her immediate response, “It’s just like what happened to Jesus.”

  9. At least he got a free beer out of it?

    I actually know a Jesus, with the arabic Variant. And coincidentally, he has shown me a better path to walk, at least academically.   Not religiously though.

    1. He looks a bit gray in that pic….maybe he needs Clyde and Keith to hook him up with some “Just for Saviors”

    2. Interesting. I’ve never really checked how the earliest depictions looked like.

      I think it’s supposed to be more of a rod than a wand, though. And in two of the pictures a small boy is touching his rod. Pictures from the future?

  10. He is 33 years old, so  he should be careful around crosses.

    Also, now you know there is a good reason for Muslims not allowing the depiction of Muhammad.

  11. and it’s gone…. 
    “”Darts fan Nathan Grindal is…” The YouTube account associated with this video has been terminated due to multiple third-party notifications of copyright infringement.”

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