Luggage for midcentury space travel

From the wonderful Flickr stream of x-ray delta one, a vintage Samsonite ad that requires your captioning expertise.


  1. ‘From two exciting worlds comes luggage like you’ve never seen before…’

    Clean?!  (Later to be renamed ‘Lost Horizon’ in baggage claim departments the world over)

  2. “If that rocket leaves the ground and you’re not with him, you’ll regret it. Maybe not today. Maybe not tomorrow, but soon, and for the rest of your life.”

  3. Future historians will look back and point at a clear shift in the history of human civilization: The time before we figured out that wheels on our luggage was a good idea, and the time after.

  4. Is it just me or does the woman look like she’s pulling away? It’s almost as if she doesn’t wanna go.

  5. We had a set of that luggage in our family – I grew up with it as we travelled around the world. It was an unattractive vomit colour that will forever remind me of exotic locales. No matter how bad the luggage handlers were, they never could do any real damage to the suitcase bodies. And Samsonite had trained technicians and service depots around the world that could replace worn out locks, hinges etc. They never broke, they just got stolen. I think the only one we’ve got left is the makeup case shown front right in the image above.

  6. A few more, over an alcohol-free lunch: 

    ‘It was discovered too late that Bob and Margie didn’t really understand the concept of stasis, weightlessness… or packing lightly.’

    ‘The Samsonite gorilla got a new gig and invited the missus to come along.’

    ‘Bob was from Mars; Margie was from Venice (Beach).’

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  8. She could see into the future; for her, galactic space promised intrinsic safety; raging autoimmune plagues were others’ problems; consumer hoarding was contained; and 80-20 cotton-poly gab that always felt as clean as the windswept cosmodrome was the constant her galaxy would be made in.

    Ride the nines into outer space. Ride the nines. A reliable systems conference. Dress light. Unpack the junk in the trunks.

    Da-amn who-knew honey; looks like my flightsuit is right on time to park in the Red Carpet lounge until the Gregari-Gagarin 5.1 release. And shlubby, you were right about the TSA not watching over here so much, so you handle the loader kanban.

    Ugandan Air gladly welcomes our lesbian guests! *  (*Attire rules apply. See UGR210191934 and ANC C20103-1840June.)

  9. Though now they schvitz outdoors and enjoy a cool natural place indoors, based on the wisdom of the ten books they always carry with them. Morloks and Eloi got along pretty well.

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