"Breaking Abbey": A Downton Abbey/Breaking Bad crossover, courtesy of Colbert

(Video link) In an attempt to post some lighter, fun stuff today in the midst of horrible events, here are the male cast members of Downton Abbey performing a parody of Breaking Bad on last night's episode of The Colbert Report. Earl blue is the hot tea on the street, yo. Language NSFW. (via The Wrap)


  1. I love Daily Show & Colbert, but holy hell is comedy central’s streaming ever shitty and unreliable.

  2. I can’t access it because “unavailable from your location” so could someone tell me which episode it’s from (who the guest is, or the date) so I can torrent it? Thanks.

      1.  Thanks L8. :)

        It wasn’t as good as I’d hoped – but the original actors made it better than it could have been.

    1. I can probably tell you that Comedy Central’s content block is quite trivial to bypass with a wholly benign little browser extension (i.e. no bothersome mucking about with proxies).  Googling is left as an exercise.

  3. apparently michelle has never heard of torrents. the downton abbey season three finale aired like a month ago.

    either way, that mashup totally made my day since i lurve both shows!

    1. Given Biden’s…enthusiastic… support of the Copy Cops, it would probably be politic of Michelle to pretend to have never heard of torrents.

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