How to light a cigarette with a hammer

But if you hit a cigarette with a hammer and try to heat up a rod of iron with it, it doesn't work (Via BIOTV).


  1. Sure, it sends a socially irresponsible message, but this video is about a guy who listens to Nine Inch Nails and lights his smokes by pounding an iron rod on an anvil.  If that’s not badass, I don’t know what is.

        1. What do you mean? Smoke of ANY kind is bad for the lungs, throat and circulatory system. It’s just medical cannabis has a much better tradeoff than tobacco

    1. They make these things called, um… Tripods and er, Monopods… that some say provide the necessary camera stability.

      Bupkis! I say. Back in my day, we used a rock. And if we didn’t have a rock, we used a cactus. But that really wasn’t a problem, because photography wasn’t invented yet. It was only when the wearing of onions on the belt fell out of favor did people turn to photography as a hobby…

    1. It’s the repeated reshaping of the rod (you DID notice he was rotating it a quarter turn every time he struck it, no?), which provides the friction that heats it up.

  2. That’s one badass way to light a cigarette. But it’s gonna be a real pain to use that method when you’re at a rock concert and they play your favorite ballad. Just sayin’.

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