Ed Yong of science blog "Not Exactly Rocket Science" has, like bacterium by an archaeon, been swallowed up by National Geographic. About the new home base, he writes: "This is ostensibly a news site. It covers what I like to call the “wow beat”—the wonderful bits of science that we’re learning about every day, which make you raise an eyebrow and go, Ooooo." Here's the feed.

2 Responses to “"Not Exactly Rocket Science" writer Ed Yong moves to Nat Geo”

  1. niktemadur says:

    This is ostensibly a news site.  It covers what I like to call the “wow beat”

    Being National Geographic, it’s also controlled by Rupert Murdoch, so when are we gonna learn to stop putting money in the coffers of villains? Or is it convenient to use their infrastructure?

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