Spider-Man vs. Obama

Spider-Man tangles with President Obama at the White House. Daily Bugle photograph by Pete Souza. (via Time)


  1. I wanna know what’s up with the haphazardly hung US flag and the stump sculpture thing sitting next to the door. I would have thought every square inch of the white house would be immaculate, designed under the watch of a world class decorator. 

    Even the carpet is kind of ugly.

    1.  It is apparently Really complicated to get tradespeople into the WH to do work, so I bet the flag was hung by the person whose office it is. And likewise, the carpet is probably really old because they probably wait for it to wear out before replacing it, considering how busy they are 24/7

      1. “Jesus H. Christ, this carpet is really hideous! Leon, can’t we change it?”

        “Sorry sir, we can’t move out while we’re dealing with this crisis in <SomeCountry>…”

        “Fuck <SomeCountry>, let’s bomb them. Crisis solved. Now, can we get down to real business and change this goddamn carpet?”

  2. Maybe its not in the White House?

    Edit: Oops. It IS the W.H. (Note to Self: Check the link before opening pie-hole).

  3. It’s the White House– note the light red curtains in the oval office behind him.  If my geography is correct, this is the anteroom just off the oval office where Bill Clinton signed treaties with Monica Lewinsky.

    1. “If my geography is correct, this is the anteroom just off the oval office where Bill Clinton signed treaties with Monica Lewinsky.”

      Yeah, that ended with sticky goo flying as well.

    2. I was lucky enough to get a special tour of the west wing when I was in high school. Got to see the cabinet room, press room, and look into Clinton’s Oval Office, and the one thing that struck me is how cramped it really is. I expected wide corridors and rows of offices, but it makes sense when you put it together in your head, its a small building, and the west wing is just a section thereof. 

  4. Does the sinister Spider-Man hold no respect for the highest office in our country? If even the White House is not safe from this masked menace, what hope for the average citizen of this fair city?

    I ask you, dear reader, how much longer will this disguised degenerate be allowed to continue vicious attacks such as depicted in this photograph?

    1. I’d expect Jameson to be a birther, actually, and this photo would prove Obama’s ties to the sinister Spider-Man!

  5. Obama went this far to appease Lindsey Graham’s Spiderman fantasies, and we are still rolling towards the fiscal cliff… WTF!

    1. My guess is that it’s a Hawaiian wood sculpture.  I think this is called “Kona style”, but hard to say without a closer look at the carving details.  Googling “hawaiian wood sculpture” brings up some similar pieces, amongst a crowd of other Hawaiian sculpture in differing stlyles.  (And, wow, Hawaiians produce some VERY not-safe-for-work sculptures.)

  6. “Somebody should stand up to all these bad guys! Don’t wait for the government to take care of something you could take care of yourself! Let’s have a league of concerned citizens! OK, let’s make it super-citizens.”

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