Drug Policy Alliance runs full-page New York Times ad: “Prohibition is Finally Coming to An End”


12 Responses to “Drug Policy Alliance runs full-page New York Times ad: “Prohibition is Finally Coming to An End””

  1. Jake0748 says:

    As a citizen of WA, who voted – You’re Welcome.   :D

  2. blissfulight says:

    Pat Robertson is probably like, ‘Oh, shit.’

  3. Their roster of supporters made my head spin. Who would have known  a former Fed chief, Walter Cronkite, and Sting were on the same team? And…Harry Belafonte? Wow.

  4. eviladrian says:

    Do you think that in some future, pot-smoking utopia, people will look back on our time in the same romanticised way we do on the 1930s?
    Like they’ll just imagine it was just constant drive-bys and police busts with anachronistic remixes of 2010s hit songs playing the whole time?

  5. Boundegar says:

    I think the victory dance is a bit premature.  Last I heard Obama hadn’t backed off vigorous DEA enforcement against dispensaries that fully comply with state law.

    • Jake0748 says:

       Yeah, actually I believe he has.  I think his quote was, “we have bigger fish to fry right now”. 

      • Rindan says:

        The crystal ball says “the future is unclear”.  Obama made some extremely vague noises about them having better things to do.  He also said during his first term that he would stop raiding California and promptly launched more raids than Bush did.  He has certainly made no formal policy statements, and he sure as shit hasn’t rescheduled marijuana… something he could do at anytime with asking for permission from congress.
        When it comes to the war on drugs, Obama is a raging hypocrite. How the fuck that guy sleeps at night knowing that people are having their lives ruined for something that he personally did is beyond me.  If Obama (or George Dubya Bush for that matter) had been caught with the coke and pot that they both partook in during their youths, neither one of those assholes would have been president. Hell, they probably would have been kicked from college.

        Obama is a thousand times better than what the alternative was, but when it comes to drugs, he is a piece of shit hypocritical asshole whose word isn’t worth spit. I’ll believe Obama isn’t a piece of shit when he proves it.

  6. C.J. Casey says:

    Also, “President” Clinton said no such thing about the drug war… that would be Former President Clinton. I’m not nit-picking, I’m just pointing out that no sitting President has had the cojones to come out against the war on drugs.

  7. Steve Baker says:

    Free Mark Emery

  8. Vincent Maldia says:

    if its taxed and legal, marijuana better be subject to the same safety regulations and studies as common medications. wouldnt want future comparisons with thalidomide

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