Number of US military vets who die waiting for benefits claims skyrockets


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  1. legotech says:

    I’m not at all surprised. I’ve had a claim open with the VA for over a year and they told me they haven’t even looked at it since January. I got my Representatives office involved (Waxman) and they told his office the same thing.  Not only are they not doing anything, they don’t care who knows it.

  2. agileprovocateur says:

    The Army Times themselves reported 18 veterans commit suicide every day , CNN mentioned it once ,
    But every mainstream media on the planet screams for 48 hrs when a active soldier dies and uses it to bludgeon any opposition , thats why we have to use boing boing more . Now maybe we can talk about the 19,000 reported rapes in the military every year and how the victims are honorably discharged for reporting the rapes and the less than 5% prosecutions  .

    Ask yourselves if they rape their own this much how many are they raping in the country’s they occupy with your tax dollars 5 million orphans in Afghanistan for 11,000 scary Taliban 2 million widows in Iraq for 11,000 scary Taliban , 4.7 million refugees in Palestinian for 10,000 Hamas , Bill gates stops 200 a year out of a billion in India from getting polio and 27,000 die a day of curable diseases no experimental vaccines required the world has lost its way   .

    The only solution seems to be a revolution of alternative media informing a population starving for truth, dieing without liberty ,clawing for a moment of freedom ,grasping for a moment of dignity from a disgusting system that is bent on destroying everything because it is afraid to be just or accountable . Ok now i feel better after blowing off this steam , thanks Boing Boing hehe

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