Ford 1957 concept car

This futuristic concept car from 1957, designed for kittens, was one of Ford's bolder experiments. (Via X-Ray Delta One)


  1. I’m a concept baby from the same year and am equally dated. Tail fins have a tendency to do that.

  2. What were they thinking… that thing is only three feet long! It would be WAY to small for today’s super-sized Americans, but I bet the gas mileage was amazing!


    1. Ford Foot Fetish.

      Seriously though, I remember lusting on concepts like this as a kid. Stimulated a later career in graphics and design (no Jetsons harmed). They did serve a purpose in many unpredictable ways. Now, they’re retrofuture and I still love ’em.

    1.  Um, yeah, custom tailoring was pretty much the norm back then, for anyone even remotely white-collar. Even the lowest-rung cubicle farmer in 1957 would’ve at least had his trousers hemmed and his waistline and sleeves fitted.

      I’m hardly a dinosaur, and I can remember when, if you went to buy a suit, the trousers had no hems.

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