Awesomely weird tales of sex-ghosts


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  1. madopal says:

    Can you guys just lure JWZ on staff already?

  2. jbond says:

    John Dillinger Died for your Sins!

  3. len_c says:

    ‘shitting on the skull’ reminds me of a scene from one my favorite movies – The Taste of Tea.  
    that scene is here -

    end of scene here –

  4. googoogjoob says:

    I think the way this guy is able to relate all these stories in total seriousness, apparently actually believing them, is even weirder than the stories themselves.

    • vonbobo says:

      “Do you really think this stuff actually happened?

      It’s easy to disbelieve, especially since I’m generally dealing with oral traditions. But I actually have a friend from Sicily and one of these sex ghosts turned out to be her great uncle! That was the ghost who was accused of stealing women’s underpants. So it’s real. Or at least he’s real, whether his ghost stole women’s underpants or not.”

      I get the impression he is observing and documenting. And I like the sincerity, it balances the silliness.

  5. vonbobo says:

    “very weird story about a ghost of a guy who had lived in the monastery there”

    Well this will be fucked up….

  6. RElgin says:

    Wow, this reads like Burroughs.  

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