Coin purse looks like a grenade


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  1. Fantome_NR says:

    My cousin nearly was detained at the airport for having a ~3cm pistol shaped keychain bauble, which was cast out of a single chunk of pewter and clearly non functional in any respect other than being a keychain bauble.

  2. sideunes says:

    only ships to Japan grrrrrr

  3. John Ridley says:

    You could have a picture of a grenade on a T shirt and some TSA idiots would detain you for it.

  4. nixiebunny says:

    You could carry a bomb onto an airplane inside a laptop computer, and no one in the TSA would bat an eye. Just be sure to make it out of TATP and put it in the battery pack in such a way that it looks legit on an xray. On the other hand, discussing exactly that concept in the TSA waiting line would get you thrown in jail.

  5. lesmanalim says:

    What on earth would compel someone to talk about bombs, at a security checkpoint, in a crowded place full of people? Maybe in jail he’d at least learn that there’s a time and a place for everything.

    • Boundegar says:

      No, my felon friends say prison is not educational at all.

    • Antinous / Moderator says:

      What on earth would compel someone to talk about bombs, at a security checkpoint, in a crowded place full of people?

      A desire for free speech. Discussing the topic isn’t the same as yelling, “I have a bomb!”

      • lesmanalim says:

        Fair enough.  I’m the type to be on edge when I’m stuck next to someone who really wants to have a conversation about something I’d rather not think about, like pro wrestling, or Jesus, let alone explosives.

        Mostly, I just want to exercise my right to exist peacefully in a personal bubble of non-communication, which I can usually manage through technology.  Save for takeoffs, landings, and checkpoints.

        • Antinous / Moderator says:

          Just stare straight at the person and loudly say, “I like your hair.” Try to blow a spit bubble while you’re doing it. They’ll go away.

        • euansmith says:

           You’d best avoid the new sports entertainment, demolition, theology show then; “Nitro Messiah Takedown Extreme”

      • Selena60 says:

        So, discussing the merits of the Jon Carter movie while in a screening line would be verboten?

    • CLamb says:

      Because the whole point of a security checkpoint is to try and find bombs.

  6. oasisob1 says:

    TSA has stopped someone carrying a toy soldier because it had a gun. I’m sure the grenade purse or grenade mug would both cause problems.

  7. Sirkowski says:

    >Implying the TSA knows what a real grenade looks like.

  8. jandrese says:

    The worst part is that grenades have not looked like that for 50 years now.  It’s like someone getting worked up over a “bomb” that is a black ball with a big cloth fuse sticking out of it. 

  9. amok69 says:

    funny thing is i found one in a store in jerusalem about a month ago and sent it with a friend as a present to europe. went through tlv security without any problems. thats the same security that i saw confiscating a kid’s futuristic looking water pistol. you think the tsa is bad? come to israel and have your cavities checked (for fun as i promise they won’t find the grenade)!

  10. Senor Schaffer says:

    I want to play Commando now.

  11. xpatriate says:

    Nothing says “please arrest me” like facsimile weaponry. Not enough time wasted in security checkpoints already? Big joke? Get yer victimhood ya yas out on yer own will ya.

  12. I dunno, but fer sure you’ll look like a jackass with a fugly change purse.

  13. Mandaglione says:

    These are available from for about $7. They also sell pistol-shaped versions, and lighters that look much more like real grenades, cartridges or handguns (some complete with laser sights, in case you have trouble aiming at your cigarette).

    Not sure how Customs feels about importing these, of course.

    • rattypilgrim says:

       Probably made in China, in a labor camp. But, what a riot toting cheap plastic pistols, hand grenades, etc. Little kids have been killed because their toy guns looked real to trigger happy cops. Given today’s climate with mass murders becoming almost a daily occurrence, give it a rest. This is just stupid.

      • euansmith says:

        “Given today’s climate with mass murders becoming almost a daily occurrence…”

        I wonder if they outlawed the carrying of toy swords during the Crusades?

        We live in a relative age of peace and wonder. Enjoy it.

        • rattypilgrim says:

           Yes, relative to other eras, but as individuals we can do a lot better. Walking around with fake hand grenades on your belt (in my book) doesn’t contribute nor do plastic weapons inspire “wonder” in me. At least not the positive kind.

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