Why does Facebook data "tend to condemn" in court?

Wired News' Ryan Tate writes about why social media activity "is more readily used to convict you in a court of law than to defend you." The short version: "getting private information out of Facebook and other social networks" is typically easier for prosecutors than defense attorneys, as an ongoing Portland murder case shows.


  1. I am a criminal defense attorney and I can say for a fact, that having subpoenaed Facebook myself, they give absolutely nothing to criminal defendants and hide behind federal law, but will give just about anything to prosecutors when asked.  Shameful.

    1.  Why do you think that is?  My guess is that the negative implications of not helping convict a criminal are high, and similarly the legal burden of becoming the national alibi service is also high.

  2. But, while you can show guilt with a single photo you can not demonstrate innocence the same way. All arguments about fake evidence aside.

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