Adult pix made comically work-safe with MS Paint (or something): Pornedits


9 Responses to “Adult pix made comically work-safe with MS Paint (or something): Pornedits”

  1. cstatman says:

    this is SO AWESOME!

  2. addennis says:

    reminds me of this:

  3. niktemadur says:

    I really like how the headline picture completely changes the context, many images in the feed still have too much of “the nasty” seeping through.

    Let me show you what I mean, here’s two examples, one getting it right, the other getting it wrong.

  4. Mark Wang says:

    Please note that majority of the works from this site is from Something Awful as the credit to the creators are from SA:

  5. SamSam says:

    Pretty great, but I do wish the (admittedly pretty clever) url wasn’t

    Even if it’s SFW, there’s no way my network admin glancing through the logs isn’t going to assume that this isn’t porn on a company computer…

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