Bin Laden obtained classified cables leaked by Bradley Manning to Wikileaks, prosecutors claim

A bizarre charge in an already bizarre trial: prosecutors in the US-v-Manning case say Osama bin Laden got classified cables Bradley Manning passed to Wikileaks.

The NYT reports that "Military prosecutors preparing to try Pfc. Bradley Manning said on Wednesday that they would introduce evidence that Osama bin Laden requested and received from a Qaeda member some of the State Department cables and military reports that Private Manning is accused of passing to WikiLeaks."

The prosecutors also plan to present chat logs from 2010 between Manning and Wikileaks founder Julian Assange "in which the two men appeared to be 'laughing' together about a New York Times article."

Related reading: Michael Calderone at HuffPo points out some elements in the ongoing hearings that should concern journalists and bloggers. Amy Davidson at the New Yorker writes:
Can anyone aid the enemy by giving information to a reporter? Are reporters aiding the enemy if they publish it—and who, by the way, is “the enemy”?
And while the judge acknowledges that Manning faced "harsh treatment" in pre-trial detention, that abuse won't cause the case to be dropped.