Saudi "December-January" marriage ends in divorce

Remember the story making the internet rounds about a 70-year-old Saudi man who bought a teen bride for $20,000? They are reported to have divorced. Turns out he was more like 85, too, and it was less of a marriage than the sale of a young woman as property, by her parents.


  1. Is this story really that surprising?  The idea that women are people and not property is not universal, especially in highly patriarchal societies. 

    1. Even in a culture with attitudes toward women as screwed up as KSA’s, I suspect a 70-year-old guy marrying a 15-year-old girl would raise eyebrows.

  2. And now everyone in the neighbourhood is tsk-tsking, saying “gee, they were the *last* couple on the block I expected to split up.”

  3. I am shocked to learn this man lied about his age.  Thank goodness for the Internet, where that cannot happen.

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