Sweden issues international garlic smuggling warrant


16 Responses to “Sweden issues international garlic smuggling warrant”

  1. showme says:

    I wonder how they sniffed that one out…

  2. Toffer99 says:

    So which London embassy are they going to make a run for to seek asylum? My money’s on Chile.

  3. Wreckrob8 says:

    Garlic is evil. The Brits are innocent.

  4. dnebdal says:

    In Norway, this was seen as utterly bizarre news – who would smuggle anything out of Norway?

    (It makes sense with the EU border rules and such … but still.)

  5. Gunker says:

    And in Ireland a man is sentenced to 6 years imprisonment for smuggling garlic, which is more than the time you get for assault, all because our benevolent EU overloads want to protect Italian growers.

  6. Something about this whole thing just stinks.

  7. White people problems: Native fish-cheese scent insufficient; need to motor-barge import garlic from antipodes, dodge duties and trade compliance to spice it up. Surely a- smuggling conspiracy rather than exim duty fraud conspiracy is a poor descriptor, and b- we want the (Swedish-Audio) video of the Chinese Farmers so up in teh ginger that the garlic’s just to mellow it out (also to sell gonzo output to an otherwise homogeneous market.)

  8. BillStewart2012 says:

    Has Swedish cooking gotten enough less bland that you can make money smuggling garlic?  It’s not something you’d put in the lutefisk or the meatballs.  They do really good coffee and pretty good pastries there, but it’s hardly the country you’d think would have a huge market for garlic.

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