Jack Kirby drawn by Drew Friedman

Jack Kirby001

The world's finest portrait artist Drew Friedman's take on comics legend Jack Kirby.


  1. Even back in his purely black and white days, Drew Friedman was heavy-handed to say the least. His more recent colorized illustrations completely lack subtlety and break through into the world of the ham-fisted. I really think he should have allowed his career to come to an end after his bombastic Tor Johnson portraits. And why has Friedman put Jack Kirby in a kind of “grand universe” setting? It makes Kirby look like Wernher Van Braun. Throwing around phrases such as “world’s finest portrait artist” doesn’t make it so.

    1.  Do you know anything about Jack Kirby or his career or his particular focus on “cosmic” heroes?

  2. My opinion on Friedman has changed a couple of times. I now take his works on their individual merits. I’ll agree he’s generally a fine portrait artist, but this one doesn’t do it for me. It looks like Nixon, and I don’t think Mr. Kirby wanted to be Tricky Dick.

  3. I like it. It’s pretty restrained for Friedman, and shows Kirby in a contemplative mood, which is pretty rare if not unheard of among artistic portrayals of him (including self-portraits).

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