"Altered Moments" turn sweet "Precious Moments" figurines into their dark alter egos

I recently found this awesome group called "Altered Moments," where people share their re-created "Precious Moments" ceramic collectible figurines. Do you remember those Precious Moments figurines? They were super popular in the 1980s (at least in my small Southern town), looked like tiny overly cute children with giant eyes, and often featured Christian symbols like angels, crosses, and Bibles.

The artists who reimagine the figurines in the Altered Moments group cleverly take the sweet Precious Moments figurines and transform them into various celebrities and other figures, like this young boy with weights who was turned into Mr. T. This genre of Altered Moments are definitely creative and fun–but my absolute favorites are the ones that lean heavily into goth, creepy, or horror genres. That's where Altered Moments truly shine, as they really play up on the contrast between the sweetness of the original figurines and their new, often horrifying personas.

Some of my favorite transformations are this former cheerleader holding up pom poms who was turned into a creepy figure holding two severed heads, and this young girl holding a Mother's Day card who was turned into a glowing-eyed dark figure holding the "Devil's Bible." And I think the very best one I've seen so far is this sweet nun turned into the terrifying lead character from THE NUN horror film. It's absolutely brilliantly done. This sweet young girl playing with her mouse also had a horrifying transformation that I don't really want to describe—you'll just have to see for yourself.

The Altered Moments group provides this description:

Welcome to Altered Moments, where we transform Precious Moments (and other ceramic collectible figurines) into fun, new characters, bringing a new life and fresh perspective to a collectible line that has been loved by many over the years. This group is where you'll find the latest works from @ChicaAndJo and @GoodGollyGal, including our latest updates and sneak peeks about our creations. It's also a place to share ideas for new pieces and to help us source figurines we might be looking for. Whether you love Precious Moments or love to hate them, join us here and for some creative, artistic fun! 

You can find the group on Facebook or TikTok.

Enjoy! And maybe you'll be inspired to create your own Altered Moments!


My latest altered Precious Moments figurine is my favorite so far. How quickly can you guess who it is? We are huge fans of 80s action movies and Indiana Jones is at the top of the list. We immortalized Indy in the famous idol swap scene feom Raiders of the Lost Ark. Details include the golden idol, bag of sand, leather satchel, and of course his iconic whip! #preciousmoments #notsopreciousmoments #indianajones #raidersofthelostark #harrisonford #ceramicfigurine #alteredart #indianajonesandthedialofdestiny #indianajonesmovie

♬ original sound – Chica & Jo

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