Fear Agent: "a booze-fueled space romp, in the aesthetic of EC's seminal classics of the 1950s"

Our pal Tony Moore, co-creator of The Walking Dead, has good news to share about his comic book title: Fear Agent (written by Rick Remender). He says:

[The first issue] is available for free on the Dark Horse Digital app, and the first 3 collected volumes are available as well. And if you like that you see there, you can purchase a beautifully hefty library edition hardback, too!

It's a booze-fueled space romp, in the aesthetic of EC's seminal classics of the 1950s.

Fear Agent volumes at Amazon

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  1. Is that there xeno-cephalpod gonna get all gropey, manga-style?

    Love the big Garth Brookes belt buckle BTW, tres butch.

  2. This looks decent, but I wouldn’t say it has an EC aesthetic. The digital coloring and drawing style look pretty contemporary.

    1. Her hair is a hybrid of Aeon Flux and Betty Crocker. 

      I’m just in a really catty mood tonight.

      1.  Haha true! I don’t think it looks bad, but I certainly wouldn’t compare it to Wally Wood or Jack Davis.

  3. fear agent is an amazing series,  one of my favorite series of all time. the writing by (portland’s own – my town) rick remender is truly awesome, though tony moore’s artwork is the reason i bought it in the first place. his artwork is some of my favorite artwork of all time, truly awesome stuff. can’t stress how much i enjoyed it. but it does usually go where i wouldn’t have expected it to go, and things continue not working out for the main hero, which in a way is probably part of its charm.

    so there ya go, my 2cents. it’ll be interesting to see where tony moore takes deadpool, his time spent on venom was kinda wasted, great artwork but story was not there. which is why fear agent was so great, great art and great story.

  4. Fear Agent is one of my favorite’s. As far as story and pulp-space feel it’s definitely channeling EC. I think a few commentors here have taken the comparison too literally in trying to analog the artists–which would be a disservice to both generations. Wood and Davis were fantastic, but Remender has learned from them and built off of their legacies. There’s nothing out there today that comes close to that strap-on-a-ray-gun feel!

    1.  I don’t doubt that it’s a great comic or that there’s an EC vibe to the story. I’m saying that it’s aesthetically closer to contemporary comics. I don’t consider that a bad thing. I like the art. EC’s aesthetic was rooted in the technology and visual trends of it’s era. This comic utilizes contemporary technology and technique, which give it a distinctly different aesthetic.

  5. Highly recommended retro space opera! Things just keep getting worse for our poor hero – every time things seem to brighten, they take a turn for the (much) worse! A lot of fast-paced fun and a lot of surprise story twists.

  6. The free preview appears to be limited to reading the copyright page and credits. Not much to see here. Maybe you get more if you have an iDevice.

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