Gweek 081: Wonderful apps, books, comics, and gear


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  1. Hegelian says:

    Re: The Yeti USB Microphone,
    Blue make some cool stuff, but they seem to specialize in making mounts that suggest keeping the mic far away from the person speaking, as with the Yeti and its short little desk stand. Perhaps Blue should make a nice USB headset microphone with a good pop filter and earphones for monitoring? For most podcasting closer miking means less ambient noise and acoustic reverb, which is a good thing given the less than perfect environments most podcasts are recorded in.

    I think many people eschew the idea of a quality headset microphone because they get the false impression from radio shows on TV and the web that stand mikes are better. That may be the case in a quiet studio where the mikes are on articulated arms for close miking and the hosts know good mic technique, but it is less so for people podcasting in their bedroom or office with mikes like the Yeti next to the fan in their computer. And, yes, Blue has a special “automatic” mic that does noise reduction, but it is better just to get better mic placement in the first place rather than trying to fix bad mic placement with DSP.

  2. jerwin says:

    It’s nice that you mentioned USB microphones: periodically I’m intrigued by a teaser for Robert Wright’s BloggingHeads– and then I’ll remember that he cares not a whit for sound quality.

  3. PhasmaFelis says:

    Re: Vela Quadrant Task Force: Getting tired of “folk art” and “outsider art” being used to mean “it’s terrible, but I kinda like it anyway.”

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