Snow art made with snowshoes


Simon Beck creates stunningly intricate patterns in the snow by walking (carefully) in raquettes à neige (snowshoes). "On average they take about 10 hours to really do it properly, some are a little unfinished, if my feet get cold or hurt too much," Beck says. "The setting out is done using handheld orienteering compass and distance determination using pace counting or measuring tape. Curves are either judged or arcs of circle using a clothes line attached to an anchor at the centre. Designs are chosen from the world of geometry or 'crop circles.'" Simon Beck snow art (via Juxtapoz)


    1. A little bent, but yes…that’s clearly an outline of the Mandelbrot set (or a reasonable facsimile thereof, anyway :) ).

      I don’t have a Facebook account, and got blocked trying to browse his Facebook pages, so I couldn’t tell whether he gave credit where credit’s due. But either way, it’s a wonderfully original medium in which to render the set.

    2. Definitely! I’m surprised David didn’t point that out. Pretty amusing he points out that he stopped before “finishing.”

  1. I’m sorry, but I refuse to believe that humans are capable of creating such complex patterns that are only appreciable when viewed from the air. It must have been created by UFOs.

    I demand that a multispectrum soil analysis be made so that I can seize upon any anomaly whatsoever as support for my hypothesis.

    1. You forget the point that most crop circles appear overnight, and, in the hundreds/thousands of instances around the world, nobody has ever been directly observed making one, nor do any show any irregularities (as this image, made slowly in broad daylight, does).

  2. I tried very hard to dismiss this guy’s work as “cheesy”, but after looking at just the quantity of pieces this guy has done and the amazing raccoon face sunburn Simon Beck has endured for this project, I got to say, “pretty cool”. 

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