A More Resilient Species


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  1. NelC says:

    I recall Richard Feynmann talking about how he discovered something important about quantum dynamics (don’t ask me what) from observing a plate wobbling when thrown up in the air, and just trying to model the wobble for fun.

  2. MrScience says:

    I think the best purchase I ever made was $200 of assorted legos off Ebay. No manuals, we all just dug in and created whatever we wanted. Years later (now he’s playing Minecraft and learning how to mod games), we donated most of them to the school’s Lego Club.

  3. This reminds me of some points Richard Louv makes in Last child in the woods. He discusses a lack of green places for children to explore and play in. Additionally he addresses the lack of unstructured play even in places designated for play, organised sports being an example. Also a lack of “loose parts” on playgrounds at schools. This stymies imagination and actually punishes divergent thinking (I remember getting in trouble for using a soccer ball as a kamehameha blast). Anyway, I would recommend flipping through Louvs book, its like 90 pages.

    On another note, is resiliency becoming the next “sustainability” style buzz word? C.S. Holling would be pissed…maybe.

    • Linda Stone says:

      Richard Louv, and his book, Last Child in the Woods, are worth reading.  Thanks for bringing this up.  Too much structure leaves no space for serendipitous pursuit of curiosity.

  4. Andy Forest says:

    Wander freely in the fields of knowledge!

  5. Kurt says:

    I love that there’s such a thing as “Play scholar”.

    And Whitman … Whitmore … they can’t both be right.

    • Linda Stone says:

      It’s Whitmore.  I missed that typo in an edit.  Thank you.  I’ve had so much fun interviewing both adults and children on their play patterns.  Frequently, about 20 minutes into an interview, many of the adults I interview say what a few of the Nobel Laureates said:  “That’s what I’m doing today!”

  6. Moral: the best rat is a bored rat.

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