Venezuela: Man murders mom in sacrifice for health of Hugo Chavez

A man in Venezuela "sacrificed" his mom in a brutal murder, as a spiritual offering for the health of President Hugo Chavez, who has advanced cancer. He hit his mother, who was 80; then he severed her hands and arms, and finally, burned her corpse.


  1. It’s ok ‘cos God wanted him to do it. I can hardly await the announcement of Chavez’s miraculous recovery for the salvation of Venezuela.

  2. no miracles, Chavez is dead, he is not coming to life, he is in a comma probably, the political climate is tense, lots of scrambling, chavez was the glue, now you can see Cuban flags flying in Venezuela, as for the high command from the army are cubans, and that is just the tip of the iceberg, cuban flags are being flown with venezuelan flags in venezuela.

    there is something brewing, big changes for Venezuela. Sad because is such a beautiful and rich country…

  3. How much control does Chavez have with the media right now, and how much does the media hate his guts? Reporting a murder and making up the detail that it was “a sacrifice to Chavez” sounds like a tabloid possibility.

    Maybe not very likely, but then again, sacrificing your mother to a politician doesn’t sound very likely either.

    1. It seems very likely as the tiny, extremely wealthy opposition movement that owns most of the media – and have a reputation of using it less to inform people than to oppose Chavez who ousted them – are currently trying to create an uproar about Chavez, who was just re-elected by the peasant majority, as he was too sick with cancer treatments to appear on the inauguration date. The inauguration date was moved. (Please pardon the complicated, never-ending sentence.)

  4. The whole country is possesed by satanic influence, they have made a god out of chavez, just like the egiptian did with pfaraon. Peplpe are deep involved in vodoo, witchcraft, rituals etc etc and all o this with the aproval of the catholic church
    Exodous. 20: 4-6

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